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Sue's Dog Grooming In Your Own Home

Reliable dog grooming services

Are you looking for an experienced and friendly dog groomer to tend to your dog in a caring and conscientious manner? Sue's Mobile Dog Grooming has a large clientele base of customers within a 20 mile radius of  Southampton.


With over 22 years of experience, Sue provides a service that is both beneficial and relaxing to your dog. Mobile Dog Grooming techniques keep your pet relaxed and calm during a dog grooming session, specialising in nervous and anxious dogs.


Our dog grooming services range from dog bathing using dog-friendly shampoo, dog hair clipping, nail trimming, hand stripping and ear plucking.

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Dog salon service

Designed to give all-over attention to your beloved dog, Sue's complete salon service caters to all parts of your dog's appearance making them feel and look their very best. This service is ideal for rescue dogs or just as a treat for your special friend. All the salon treatments take place at your home, at a time that suits you. By tending to your dog in a place that he knows and loves, we have found that the experience proves to be a most positive and relaxing one for your dog. Coupled with tried and trusted dog whispering techniques, your dog will enjoy every minute of his or her complete dog salon treatment. 

groomed dog
Furry Dog

Mobile dog bathing

If you find bathing your dog a little too difficult, Sue's expert services are here to help. Sue uses a patented dog whispering technique to gently ease your dog into the process, helping them to feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. You can stay with your animal throughout the service, helping to further assure him or her to ensure the feeling of wellbeing and enjoyment. We understand the love you have for your dog and guarantee that your pet will be treated with every ounce of respect and attention that you would yourself. For many people bathing their dog can be a stressful chore so join the dozens of other people across Hampshire who trust Sue's dog bathing services.

Professional dog hair clipping

Is it time for a trim? If your dog is starting to look a little shaggy around the edges, trust Sue's Mobile Dog Grooming to neaten them up quickly, professionally, and at a great price. With over 22 years of experience, Sue's hair clipping skills are popular across the Southampton area. Like all of Sue's Dog Grooming services, dog hair clipping can be made regular if you require. If your dog is of a breed that grows hair at a rate that is faster than the norm, or you simply want your dog to look their best all of the time, we are more than happy to arrange regular visits at a date and time to suit you.



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Dog Haircut

Expert dog nail trimming

Clipping your dog's nails can be a real challenge sometimes, so if you require expert help put your trust in Sue's professional dog nail clipping service. Sue's Dog Grooming travels within a 20 mile radius of Southampton, providing expert dog grooming services and will be happy to add you and your dog to our long list of happy customers. Sue even has you covered for clipping your cat's nails too as well as cat grooming and de-knotting, perfect for a newly adopted cat.

Dog salon service
Dog bathing
Dog hair clipping
Dog nail trimming

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